In Case I Haven’t Been Totally Clear…

In my last ‘Book Update’ post, which also happened to be my first, and up until now, my only ‘Book Update’ post, I told you all that I had just finished chapter 16.

Now when I started blogging back in September I also told you that I would take you with me through my entire book writing process, which includes writing, publishing and marketing/promotion.
So with all that being said you may, or may not be wondering, “Where the heck is Chapter 1?” or “How the heck is he on Chapter 16?” in which case both would be very legitimate question, both deserving of a very legitimate answer. Regardless of which question you may have asked, my answer is the same, “I actually started writing some time ago. A long time ago actually, like maybe 8 months to a year ago, and yes I’m only on Chapter 16. (which sounds like an average of 2 chapters a month which isn’t really to bad when I think about it.)
So yeah, you haven’t experienced the entire book writing process, at least not in real-time. But believe me I’ll go back and cover every sleepless night I experienced working my way up through the first 16 Chapters.
If it’s any consolation, I’m planning roughly 32 chapters in all so you came in right at the half-way point.
Til next time

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