Chapter 17. Done.

On September 20 I posted that I had just completed the 16th Chapter of my Novel in Progress, guess what I did last night as well. No not that, I finished Chapter 17!

I didn’t realize that the completionof the two chapters were nearly a month apart, mostly because writing chapter 17 actually only took me little less than a week, starting it however took me three weeks. Strange I know, but I had an odd transition to overcome leaving 16 and getting to 17 and in the end I took a completely different direction than I had original planned (I know you’ve heard that before) which all just further goes to prove, a really good writing project will often take on a life of its own.

Anyway remember that character from chapter 16 that I said made such a large impression on me that it garnered her some more page time, well it did and in Chapter 17 she gave the performance of a lifetime. Its good, not to boast or anything but I mean I really enjoyed writing it and I’m just super excited for you guys to read it, that’s what I mean by good. I was so excited in fact that I did let a friend of mine read it, fresh out of the notebook at that, completely out of context, not even proofread, or in anything other than my horrific handwriting. That’s how excited I was about it.

She hated it! No I’m joking, she actually raved about it, she loved it, at least that what she told me, and I don’t really have any reason to suspect she was lying, so now I’m even more excited about revising, streamlining, typing it and including it with the other chapters and having more people read it!

Oh the joys of writing, they’re so self-serving!

Til Next Time,



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