The Lost and Found

I found my notebook!

You know the one that I told you about losing a couple of post ago. I found it and I didn’t even have to burn the city down, which is good because arson can carry a pretty heavy prison sentence. (although that would give me ample time to focus on writing)

So my notebook has been found and in the process about 3 chapters recovered. That was close, because having to rewrite those chapters would have been a massive set back but now that is no longer a concern. Aside from that I have dived headlong into chapter 25 and I have to tell you things are getting pretty hairy. So much so that you know what, I’m going to let you read it. Well i’m going to let you read some of it.

I know, I know in  the last post I went on and on about how I couldn’t let you read anything until I was done. Well guess what, I lie. It’s a large part of the job description of a fiction writer, besides rules are made to be contorted to fit your own selfish needs and desires right? Right?

And now I know what you’re thinking “What about the ‘Honesty in Writing’ post you put up a few weeks ago?” And to that I have a two-part response.

1. Stop using my past blog post against me.

2. You’re taking that post out of context.

Besides we’re not talking about what I said we’re talking about what I’m saying, and I’m trying to tell you I’m posting an excerpt of Chapter 25 once the chapter is done. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers or anything. Just a perfect point in the story to introduce you to my writing style and give you an idea of what type of book I’m actually working on. Now with that being said, let me get out of here. I’ve set a goal to write a chapter a week and my deadline is fast approaching.

Until next time,



The Completion of Chapter 24

It’s time for a book update. Which is good because I have an update for you. It would have been awkward if it had been time for an update and I didn’t have one. Then I’d have to make up excuses as to why I didn’t have what I was supposed to have. Then you’d be looking at me with that look that you have when I show up without something when I’m suppose to show up with something. Like that time I showed up without my pants.  Haha do you remember that? You should have seen your face, that was a crazy night, but that’s neither here nor there. What is here however, is the book update.

So I finished chapter 24. Yep, finished it. And just to fill you in, during the last book update I informed you that I had completed chapter 16. Apparently I’d written 8 additional chapters between now and then but life got crazy so I didn’t get to blog about it then. But I’m blogging about it now. Quit complaining.

24 chapters complete and on the books. (ignore that pun) And I tell you, the second half of chapter 24 was an experience. It was deep. It is deep. I want you to read it. Now. Like right now. I want you to read the second half of chapter 24 right now. But you can’t. And I can’t let you. But I want you to, if that counts for anything. It probably doesn’t but I wanted it noted that I put it out there just in case. Anyway chapter 24 is done and I’m making my way to Chapter 25 immediately. I’m going to finish it and then I’m going to finish the rest of the chapters and then I’m going to edit them and then I’m going to get someone else to edit them and then you can read them all. I can’t wait. You shouldn’t be able to wait either. You have to wait but you shouldn’t be able too and if you are then there is something horribly wrong with you. But alas, if you’re normal and I suspect you are (except for that night with the whole missing pants thing, with the police and the riot squad and the guy from Best Buy [that night was legendary you were pretty awesome] ) then the wait shall soon be over… eventually.


Till next time,




P.S. Don’t forget your pants.

Blood, Paper and Ink

I have an odd obsession with paper. Paper and Ink. As weird as it sounds, when I’m writing, I have to actually physically write and in a technological age such as ours, with all of our smartphones and tablets and laptops and desktops that makes me a bit of a dinosaur(a Tyrannosaurus Rex to be exact). Nonetheless, I can’t write by typing my ideas directly into a computer, well I can but I don’t like too, I like to write. There’s just something about a blank page that I find inspiring, intimidating and alluring all at the same time. As a result of this infatuation I have piles and piles of notebooks lying around the house. Some filled to the brim, others still empty, eagerly awaiting to be filled with new ideas and new stories. And I love that, I guess filling up another notebook gives me a certain sense of accomplishment that makes me want to just write more. I’m even obsessed with the buying of new notebooks, its like a guilty pleasure. And I don’t mean composition notebooks or spiral college rule notebooks. I mean the good stuff, the moleskin type notebooks, just a smidgen-of-quality shy of those leather-bound journals. When I see them I gobble them up, I need them, have to have them, as I said, it’s an obsession, (I’m not even gonna go into my thing with pens and other writing utensils).  Keep in mind, once I’m done writing I still have to type out the handwritten text into my laptop, but I don’t mind the extra step, it gives me an additional opportunity to proofread if nothing else. Now this little writing quirk would be fine in of itself, only now disaster has struck…

I’ve lost one of my notebooks! My son was born in April, I put my notebooks aside, we moved out of our condo, I put some stuff in storage, I put some stuff in my dad’s attic, put some stuff in my father-in-law’s attic, moved into a house, I hadn’t written a words in months, I figured I’d get back to work once things got settled, I got settled, I was ready to work, and I looked up, AND I’M ONE NOTEBOOK SHORT! Dear God why did this have to happen to me, I’ve tore my house apart looking for it. I’ve tore my dad’s house apart looking for it. Now I’m going to have to tear my father-in-law’s house apart looking for it! (Which is going to make the next family gathering a little awkward) But I must find it, it’s got like three or four chapters that I have to transcribe outta that bad boy!

Ah well, it’ll turn up, or I’ll burn down this city to find it!

Till next time,