You don’t always have to tell the story, sometimes you just have to let the story tell you…


Books on Writing Books

I tend to obsess. A lot. Especially when I’m embarking on a new endeavor our starting an journey that’s new territory for me. And though I’ve been a storyteller for most of my life (mostly in the form of random and unnecessary lies)  novel writing is still very much uncharted territory for me, so I did what I always do when I’m not sure about something, I research it until my eyes bleed. This lead me to purchasing a lot of books about writing books.
Now most bookstores have a full section for books on writing books, usually it just marked as reference though. Now essentially the books all say the same thing and most of them don’t even do that well. In my opinion most books on writing books aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, and that’s saying a lot, because I don’t usually say such things, but I feel it has to be said. Now there are a few good writing reference books out there, but those are usually the one that offer insight into the writing process of already established authors, the books that offer and step by step instructional on how to write a book are worthless, because in the end you’re not actually writing a book you’re feeling in a worksheet with some fancy details.
There is no formula for writing a successful novel and there is no magic book out there that’s going to show you how to do it, the only thing you can really do is write. One of the biggest obstacles of writing a novel is the pursuit of publishing, and unfortunately most books on writing books are just someone else’s successful attempt to get published, but just because it was put in print doesn’t always make it helpful or even relevant in most cases its just an attempt to get 20 bucks out of an over enthusiastic aspiring writer.
Now there are some great books on writing books out there, but they are the exception rather than the norm. As a matter of fact everything I come across a good one I’ll come back here and let you guys know about it (since we’re pals and all)
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In Case I Haven’t Been Totally Clear…

In my last ‘Book Update’ post, which also happened to be my first, and up until now, my only ‘Book Update’ post, I told you all that I had just finished chapter 16.

Now when I started blogging back in September I also told you that I would take you with me through my entire book writing process, which includes writing, publishing and marketing/promotion.
So with all that being said you may, or may not be wondering, “Where the heck is Chapter 1?” or “How the heck is he on Chapter 16?” in which case both would be very legitimate question, both deserving of a very legitimate answer. Regardless of which question you may have asked, my answer is the same, “I actually started writing some time ago. A long time ago actually, like maybe 8 months to a year ago, and yes I’m only on Chapter 16. (which sounds like an average of 2 chapters a month which isn’t really to bad when I think about it.)
So yeah, you haven’t experienced the entire book writing process, at least not in real-time. But believe me I’ll go back and cover every sleepless night I experienced working my way up through the first 16 Chapters.
If it’s any consolation, I’m planning roughly 32 chapters in all so you came in right at the half-way point.
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The Completion of Chapter 16

Its 11:23 pm and I have just completed Chapter 16.
I stated that one of my original reasons for creating this blog was to chronicle my progress as I wrote my first novel. Ever word written, every paragraph punctuated, every chapter completed brings me just a bit closer to that end goal. Now since it would be very unproductive of me to write a post for every word and paragraph I put on paper, I’ve decided to post updates at the completion of every chapter. And so… here we are.

I have been working on chapter 16 for what seems like forever, and to be honest with you, I am very glad to be done. About half way through the chapter, the darn thing begin giving me a lot of trouble, and at a particular point I began to even doubt if this particular chapter was even relevant to the story in any wholly relevant way. I mean, yeah it offered considerably more insight into some of the personal aspects to a number of the stories characters, but I wasn’t absolutely sure that the chapter itself served any proper function. Still I decided to keep at it, I figured I could at least finish the chapter see where it goes and if it wasn’t doing anything special, I’d drop it in the revisions.

Well to my surprise it did turn out something special. As I continued to write and simply allow the story and characters to lead me through this particular portion of their adventure, an amazing  development occurred. In the end, the chapter turned out longer than I originally planned, but I think the additions lend to a much stronger experience for the novel, not to mention some nice action that I didn’t even see coming, plus some amazing secondary characters that ‘stepped up’ to even earn themselves some additional screen time (or page time rather) later in the book, no matter how short lived or painful that may be (for the character I mean).

Anyway, it just goes to show, when you keep the pen on the paper the story will unravel itself.

Writer’s block, smiter’s block!

Till next time.

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Name Collecting

What’s in a name?
In fiction writing, I believe a character’s name is the most important part of their being. A character’s name is its soul, it is the essence of who that character is, or who they are to become.
For my current project I basically took an old nickname and built a character around it, pretty soon the character had taken on a life of his own, becoming even larger and more complex than I could have originally imagined, and  it all started from his name.
There was a point in this character’s development where I considered changing his name. I had imagined it would seem self indulgent to name a character after myself, even if it was only a nickname and not truly my name in full, but by the time I had considered making this change it was too late. My character had already became who he was to be, and to attempt to change his name at that stage would have meant changing everything about him.I found this odd at first, I mean in reality people change their names all the time and it has no grand psychological effect on who they are. I mean if the guy sitting next to you at work, comes in one day and says “I needed a fresh start so I’ve legally changed my name from Steve to Donald.” that’s not really going to stimulate any great change in who he is as a person. To you, he’ll still be the guy in the next cube, albeit a bit more strange, but still, same guy, different name.
But see with literary character’s its different, The name is the culmination of everything that character will ever say, do and experience. Rather if it’s bestowed upon them before a single word is written, or if they don’t actually receive a name until you’ve thought out every detail of their personality, either way throughout their literary life span they will have not one single more important characteristic than their name.
So my question is: Where do you get your names?

As stated earlier the protagonist of my current project derived his name from a modified form of my own, but come on, a man can only have so many nicknames. Conveniently enough, I currently work in a Call Center, and though I hate it, it does supply me with a near endless amount of odd, new and exciting names to reference use and develop as my writing career continues to grow. That’s right, you read correctly, I collect names.

And honestly I rather enjoy it. I hear a name I like and I scribble it down on a sticky note or some random scrap of paper and store it away happily like a squirrel hoarding acorns for the winter. Its like a pastime of mine now, everywhere I go, my ears and eyes are open for the next great name that I can gobble up and add to my collection.
So I guess if I had to answer Juliet’s (great name don’t you think?) question of ‘What’s in a name?’ then truthfully I’d have to say, everything.

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A Humble Introduction

To be truthful, I’m actually not left-handed, and I guess ‘technically’ I’m not necessarily even an author, at least not yet. What I am, is an aspiring writer currently at work on my first novel, hopefully, my first of many. I’ve created this blog to chronicle my experience through the writing process as well as the attempted publication and marketing of my first book. I’m looking forward to the journey and I’m glad to have you come along for the ride. What’s a road trip without friends eh?

My intentions are to update with a new post at least once a week tackling all types of different writing related subjects such as character development, setting, pacing, writing techniques, the creative process, inspiration, some of my own practice writing and whatever else I think may be helpful. Writing a book ain’t easy and neither is managing a blog, but together I’m pretty sure we can get through this.
Welp, that’s all I got today.

Till next time.

Sincerely yours,